Bremer’s Nursery is located in the panhandle of Idaho. It is a family owned and operated wholesale tree nursery. We have a variety of deciduous trees and shrubs, lilacs, and coniferous trees.

Care is given to each plant in our nursery. As they grow, they are hand-pruned, fertilized, and watered.

All of our stock is balled and burlapped before it is shipped. We do most of our digging in the Spring, but we welcome Fall digging as well. We tarp the trees on the trailer before they leave our site. This ensures that they reach our customers in the same condition that they leave the nursery in. We currently ship trees to many states in the northwest and even Alaska!

If you are interested in a tour of our nursery, please call ahead and we would love to meet with you!

the team

Matt Bremer

Scooter Bremer

Jess Bremer



In order to receive a rebate, all payments must be postmarked by the due date or the rebate will not be given.  Rebates only apply to catalog prices.  Rebates are listed below:

$7,500 –  $10,000 = 3% Rebate

$10,001 –  $15,000 = 4% Rebate

$15,001 –  $20,000 = 5% Rebate

$20,001 –  $30,000 = 6% Rebate

$30,001 –  $45,000 = 7% Rebate

$45,001 –  $60,000 = 8% Rebate

$60,001 –  $80,000 = 9% Rebate

$80,001 + = 10% Rebate

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

*Orders will not be processed until a 25% deposit and a signed Order Acknowledgement has been received.  The remaining balance is due within 30 days of the shipping date.

*A $25 fee will be added on all returned checks.

*A 2% Finance Charge will be charged on all past due accounts.

*The buyer agrees to pay all collection costs.

*A credit reference will be required on new accounts.

*All stock will leave the nursery in healthy condition.

*All claims must be submitted in writing within 10 days of shipping.

*Stock travels at the risk of the buyer.

*Prices are F.O.B. shipping point.